Magic Pockets is a GPL remake of the excellent Bitmap Brothers platform game

All levels have been decoded from the original game (Amiga/PC), and first level is working more or less with all the items so worth a shot.

Magic Pockets preview releases are available for


Magic Pockets will contain a built-in editor to create custom levels.


Package information

The NDS archives are user archives containing only NDS executable + data.

The win32 archives are user/src archive containing win32 executable + data + source code both for win32 & Nintendo DS, including the patched version of SDL required to recompile the NDS version and make it work with devkitpro 1.5


Download (developpers)

Then, to recompile Magic Pockets for Win32 on Win32, you'll need the following:

To recompile Magic Pockets for Nintendo DS, you'll need the following:

Here's a chance to keep my motivation up: there's still a lot to do both in NDS & PC version. Level 2 has its challenges and so has level 3 with the damn water level, and so many enemies behaviour to code Don't feel compelled to do it as I've got a full-time job and maybe I'm making more money than you but would be appreciated anyway :)