Bagman is a GPL remake of the excellent Valadon Automation arcade game. I've disassembled the original arcade game so the guard movement is more or less the same, as well as elevators.

The remake offers a full 3-screen mode and a faithful 1 screen only mode. Guard animations have been slightly upgraded (falls). Otherwise, the game is 100% the same (or tries to do so).

Bagman releases are available for


No extensions.

Package information

The NDS archives are user archives containing only NDS executable + data.

The win32 archives are user/src archive containing win32 executable + data + source code both for win32 & Nintendo DS, including the patched version of SDL required to recompile the NDS version and make it work with devkitpro 1.5


NDS binaries

Win32 binaries and full source code

Amiga binaries (needs 2MB memory, ECS/68020 amiga)

Amiga ADF floppy disk image (needs 2MB memory, ECS/68020 amiga)

Amiga binaries (SDL, AHI, slow, panoramic mode support...)

Download (developpers)

Sources are hosted on Github

Then, to recompile Bagman for Win32 on Win32, you'll need the following:

To recompile Bagman for Nintendo DS, you'll need the following:

To recompile Bagman for Amiga, you'll need the following: