This is quite lame, I don't know what to say. I really suck at HTML, and I would have an excuse for this page if only I was colorblind which is not the case.

Who am I ?

I'm a bored french computer programmer from the old days (1997-2005) when we were actually doing stuff here, and the so-called managers were not subcontracting to jerks who understand zit about software in order to "save money".

BUT when you think of it, actually that's a gift, because now I can focus on coding things at home AND I can show off at work.

What am I doing ?

I was into amiga game patching/hacking until now (using WHDLoad, but I slowed that down since I thought it more fun to re-make some classics that I played 15 years ago and that I still enjoy playing.

Why am I wasting my time with that crap ?

Well, I'm retrogaming-addicted, Arcade, 8-bit computers, Amiga. My parents reluctantly bought me an Oric in 1984 and it was not bad but lacked serious arcade action. I had to wait until 1991 until I was able to buy an Amiga 500. That was great. And I remember a lot of excellent games.

For the games that I liked very much, I was very frustrated when I had explored all the game possibilities, and the main goal of remaking games is not re-doing things 100% the same (first: you cannot without the game code, and second: what's the point when every emulator does the job), but rather re-doing things 200% the same, with possibility of extending the games using a level editor. Now that's something new.

Game remakes by me

Oric game remakes/conversions by me


My other work

Some MP3 tunes I have composed/remixed/remade (contains 99% of private jokes)

It was a long time ago. My fellow classmates will hopefully like it.

The movie "Blood Debt" (1995) at least transfered to DivX !!!

A huge improvement over the crappy VHS copy that I have. I've started sub-titling it but I miss the motivation because noone cares

Anyway, download the movie and cut scenes here

Useful software

Free & legal software that I use and like very much


What's the use? First, the links will be outdated in a short time, and second why should I waste my energy trying to maintain a working list when you can Google ? (ok so there's at least one link here, I bet you didn't know it)


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